The Prayer Room
Here you will see the prayers that people have written.
The two top prayers are urgent ones and will display from the urgent random list. There may be hundreds of urgent prayers, and they will be randomly displayed to each users phone.
To send a prayer, click on the abbreviated prayer and respond.
Once you respond the user will be able to chat back if they wish to. If they decide no to reply, you will be unable to make any further communication.

Create a prayer request
Click on Colander, and you will see the days of the week appear. If you wish to create a prayer for today, click on todays date.
You can then write in your prayer and choose if its urgent or not.
If its not, it will be displayed randomly below the urgent prayer requests.
You can also choose to post it without your name by choosing “anonymous”

Testimony Page (Shout It Out)
Here you can write any testimony about how your prayers were answered.
People can respond back to your testimony.

Chat History (Message)
When ever you have had a chat session with a user, you will see the session in chat history. You can simply go back to this room and find your previous chat to continue on talking at a later point.

Weekly Devotions
Each week we will post a devotion from well respected anointed children of God.
If you would like to have your say on this page, then email us at support@hisburdenbearers

Prayer Reminder
How frustrating is it, when you said you would pray for someone but you forgot, or even what it was about.
Well now you can set a prayer reminder to go of each day and set your own custom message.
Hit the three dots in the top right corner.
Choose Settings, choose Prayer Reminder
Click the “+” in the top right corner
Type your prayer note in and set the time by click on the little calendar icon.
This will set an alert of at that time each day.
Click the SAVE ICON and your done.
To delete you can simply go back into reminders, and hit the delete icon.

Urgent Notifications.
Do you wish to get notified as soon as there is an urgent prayer?
Hit the three dots in the top right corner.
Choose Settings, Get Urgent Post Notifications

Now you have enable this alert function.